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This is a remake of the Dinosaur Game that Google Chrome has hidden in there browser. You can adjust the code to your liking if you would like to. Make sure you comment your high score in the Comments and if you have any questions or if you would like to talk about something. Feel free to email me at halestorm512@gmail.com or add me on my discord, ModdingDudes#5799, or even better, join my discord server, https://discord.gg/ZBDEFZ4. If that link does not work, email me for a new one and I'll update it on my page.

Have fun playing the game and make sure to join my discord server, we talk about making games and you could be a helper and talk to me and a few of my coding buddies!

Install instructions

Step 1. Extract "ChromeDinosaurGame.zip" to your Desktop or other directory you choose.

Step 2. Open your extracted folder and right click on the white area.

Step 3. Click "Open Command Window Here" (If this option is unavailable, open a command prompt by holding Windows Key+R and type in "cmd" and then use the cd command to change directories to your extracted folder).

Step 4. Type in "python -m http.server 100". The 100 is your port number, this could be any number lower than 65535.

Step 5. Go to your browser and type in "localhost:100". Again, if your port number is not 100, choose that port number. (If your port number is 80, you don't need to put a :80 since it is HTTP).

Step 6. Play! Controls are: DOWN ARROW to duck and SPACE BAR to jump.

Step 7. Comment your high score on the comments on this page! I'd love to hear your guys best score.


Chrome Dinosaur Game.zip 33 kB


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this is my high score