A downloadable Hacking for Windows

Mission 2 is out!

Console Hacking is a game where, well, you hack through your console. The text colors and commands gives a realistic feeling and is suggested to people with a little bit of computer knowledge, just saying. Can't say much more than you have to try it out. Though, when you are running the .exe, it may say it's harmful and such but this is because windows is trying to defend up against the .exe. You can look through the .dev and you'll see it's totally harmless. There is only 1 level at the moment but this level took me about a week to make because it was about 300 lines of code and a lot of coding. I will be adding levels if the game gets good responses though!

Some things to look for in the future:

-Money currency

-Bank hacking

-https hacking

-Other fun stuff ahead I'm telling you!

Installation Instructions: 

-Download ConsoleHacking.zip

-Extract to Desktop or other directory

-Open ConsoleHacking Folder

-Run ConsoleHacking.exe

-Run Anyways if it asks about security (Again this is windows being defensive if you don't trust it then look through the .dev its just C++).

That's it!


For any questions, email me at "halestorm512@gmail.com"


discord me at ModdingDudes#5799

Good luck, your gonna need it.

Install instructions

Download Instructions: 


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