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Dot Defense is a very simplistic yet fun game when your bored that allows you to run a simple local file and play the game indefinitely. It's source code can be modified and changed to your liking. The game was written in a framework on JavaScript called P5.JS. Even without modifying the code the game is still fun to play whether your bored or looking to have a fun time. 

Your goal in the game is to dodge all the dots and get a new high score every time. My high score is 3000, can you beat it?

When the dots first spawn they are translucent and you can see through them. This means the dots cannot damage you, but when they turn into a full red they can kill you. Dots are also able to bounce off of each other, when this is done, they go in a random direction meaning it could potentially point right back at you. Once you are hit, if your score is more than your high score it is saved and your goal is to beat that high score.

Don't forget to comment your highest score and tell me some future updates to add to the game to make it better or just comment down below if it was fun!

Enjoy the game!

Install instructions

To install, download and unzip the file into a folder named "Dot Defense" or another name you would like it to be.

Once that is finished all you have to do is open the "index.html" file and it will instantly start and you can immediately play.


Dot-Defense.zip 2 kB


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Heckin epic.