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This is a rain simulation for sleep. To have better experiences, I recommend visiting a website called https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/rainNoiseGenerator.php. I did not make it but any other rain noise maker will do. This was written in P5JS, a Javascript framework so I know it's not much but it should help with relaxation and sleep. If you do have any questions/comments you can contact me at: halestorm512@gmail.com or just post some comments down below!

If you like this you may like some of my other projects. If you ever want to edit the code to make rain faster, slower, or possibly different angles. You should be able to figure it out because inside of the code I have comments telling you what the variables do so you can adjust them.

There are instructions on what to do inside of the javascript file so if you right click and open with notepad++ or just notepad (any text editing tool). You can adjust all the speeds and lengths of the rain very easily!

Have Fun!


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